Having a hard time finding the right size mask? Adjustable KF94 Face Mask is the solution!

Fear no more on that perfect mask fitment!

Adjustable Ear loops is your answer! Adjustable straps allows the mask to fit close to your face size for the maximum seal and protection.

All KF94 have a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) of 99.9% - Tested with Certs.

Due to the increase flow rate of KF94 160L/min vs N95 85L/min, the KF94 breathability is exceptional and allows for a cooler every day wear and much easier on your lungs due to less resistance from inhalation and more flow. 

KF94's are known to be our most COMFORTABLE MASK! Fitment and Breathability.

Below is what is available and ready to ship from our warehouse in California.



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