The benefits of an adjustable face mask

These adjustable face masks are top in their class when it comes to quality, comfort, and value for money

Let’s be honest; one-size-fits-all solutions don’t always work for everyone - especially when it comes to face masks. It’s exactly for this reason that our team here at Planet Halo Health took extra care to source the best adjustable face mask options currently available on the market.

Two brands of adjustable face masks stand out way above the rest when it comes to quality, comfort, and value for money. These brands are Cleanwell and Good Day - Happy Life


Cleanwell KF94 Adjustable Face Mask

The adjustable earloop straps on the Cleanwell KF94 Adjustable Face Mask allow the mask to fit close to your face for maximum seal and ultimate protection. All KF94 face masks have a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) of 99.9%. To top it off, the breathability on these face masks is exceptional and allows for cooler everyday wear, and is much easier on your lungs due to less resistance from inhalation and more flow.

The Cleanwell KF94 face mask is available in burgundy, beige, green, and navy blue, so if you’re tired of white and black face masks and would like to add some color to your outfit - these are fantastic options.


Good Day - Happy Life KF94 Adjustable Face Mask

The Good Day - Happy Life KF94 Adjustable Face Mask also comes with adjustable earloops making a comfortable fit as easy as counting to three. This face mask is great for protection against infection as well as ultra-fine dust. Its anti-fog and anti-slip measures all add to an even more comfortable wearing experience.

We must admit that the Good Day - Happy Life KF94 is an extremely stylish mask and comes in premium black - perfect for wearing with a casual outfit but also more than suitable to wear with a formal outfit.


Good Day - Happy Life KF94 Kids Adjustable Face Mask

Finding a good kids' face mask that fits comfortably and doesn’t irritate the living daylights out of your little one can be an extremely daunting task. Luckily, Good Day - Happy Life came up with the perfect solution: a KF94 face mask for kids that comes with adjustable earloops!
The Good Day - Happy Life KF94 Kids Adjustable Face Mask comes with a Super Electrostatic Filter, adding four layers of protection to filter out 99.9% of bacteria and protect your child’s respiratory system.

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