How to Select the best face mask for kids

Keep Your Children Safe With the Best Facemasks for Kids

Protection against viruses and illnesses is important for everyone. This is especially the case for your children.  Virus prevention for your young ones, is essential to prevent potential significant long term health related issues. Knowing how to select the best facemasks for kids that are authentic and laboratory tested to protect against viruses is crucial

Are Face Masks Effective for Kids?

 Masks for kids are always under question, as it makes breathing more difficult.  Children will also tend to touch their masks, if it makes them uncomfortable.  If exhaled air goes in to their eyes, this gives an impulse to touch their eyes, and could potentially infect themselves, if their hands are dirty.  These are problems, if the masks used are not the right fit, or if they are made poorly. 

The effectiveness of masks can only be evaluated by the quality and proper fitting of the mask. KN95 GB/T 38880-2020 standard and KF94 standard are the best face mask for kids, as it has been laboratory tested to offer:

  • Easy Breathing
  • Comfortable Fit
  • 95% Filter Efficiency 
  • 4 layers of Filtration 
  • Black, White & Multi Color options 

How to select the Best face masks for kids from Plant Halo Health

Planet Halo Health is the leading provider and distributor of personal protection equipment in the US. The supplier offers an extensive range of face masks.  How to select the best face masks for kids, can be done by selecting your child’s age range.  The children’s face masks have been selected by Planet Halo Health by their level of protection, breathability and filtration efficiency.  How to select the best face masks for kids,  Planet Halo Health suggests sourcing only laboratory tested face masks that are high in PFE and BFE and low in pasacal ratings for easier breathability.

Some of the best-designed face masks for kids: 

  • Powecom KN95:   Kid's Powecom KN95 face mask meets the new GB2626-2019 Standard. This is designed 15% smaller in size than the standard KN95 mask. It is best for children 4 and above, and offers comfort plus ease of use by folding open the mask. The Powecom KN95 mask features a free forming Nose Piece, Latex Free Ear Loops, and Multi-Layer Filtration SystemThenon-woven breathable fibers help children breathe easily. Further, the mask's melt-blown polypropylene cotton filter layer improves its respiratory resistance. The latex-free ear loops quickly fit over the ears without causing any discomfort or irritation.
  • Good Day Happy Life KF94 Adjustable Mask for KidsThis mask is made for children between the ages of 2-5.  These masks come individually wrapped and have adjustable earloops for better form fitting.  These masks are approved by the Korean MFDS
  • A&P KF94 Face Mask: Comes in multiple colors and has a flat fold design for easy on and off. These masks for preschool children, and masks for kindergarten children between the ages of 3-6 years of age are the perfect fit. 
  • Product Lab KF94 mask for Kids: This is a 3D face mask that come individually wrapped for your child between the ages of 6-9. They are easy to wear as it fits farther away from your child’s lips and nose.  The product lab face masks come in multiple colors, are lightweight in structure and allows for easy breathing.


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