About PlanetHaloHealth

Planet Halo Health is a major distribution center in the United States for PPE.

Their distribution network extends to B2B, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and the consumer market. With their fulfillment center, distribution network, and supply chain relationships, Planet Halo Health has become an integral provider for PPE in the United States.

Planet Halo Health ources authentic PPE, by utilizing their employees overseas, to visually vet the products directly from the factory. Planet Halo Health also verifies the efficacy and breathability of their masks by doing independent tests, to ensure the BFE, PFE, and Pascals meet best protection methods per CDC guidelines, and comfort for their clients.

We understand receiving reliable supplies expeditiously can be a challenge. With our experience in bulk fulfillment, and relationships with logistic partners, we are able to distribute quickly and efficiently to our customers.

For wholesale, please contact us: www.planethalohealth.com/pages/contact-us

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