Frequent Ask Questions

Do you have a GPO or Group Purchasing Order setup?

Yes, we have GPO available for any organizations in the Health Care industry.  Please contact to set an account up with us.

Do you have bulk purchase discounts?

Yes, we can offer bulk purchases at discounted rates.  Please contact for more information.

Do you have reseller or distributor opportunities?

Yes, we set up our distribution chain by territories.  Please contact for more information.

Can you pick up your order?

Due to the current circumstances, we have strict protocols on pickup procedures.  If you are in the Bay Area, California, please contact for more information on how to arrange for pickup.

What is the difference between KN95, KF94 and N95 masks?

KN95 is a standard created in China and most widely used internationally.  N95 is set by the CDC in the United States.  The KF94 is created by the Korean Food and Drug Administration.  Please make sure the mask you purchase has been professionally tested, and they meet or exceed the appropriate filtration standard.

Are all N95, KN95 and KF94 masks the same?

No, not all KN95, Kf94 and N95 masks are the same.  Planet Halo Health has carefully sourced directly from the manufacturers that have a filtration standard that exceeds the appropriate standards. This means the filtration and efficiency rate of ALL our masks are more effective than the recommended standards set internationally and domestically.

Are all respirators one size fits all?

Planet Halo's masks are one size fits most, and fit snugly against the face. Generally, you will want the mask to fit tight against your face to provide an air seal.  Planet Halo Health not only carries multiple sizes for children and adults, they also have adjustable masks to ensure all face sizes are accommodated for.

How is Planet Halo able to acquire masks and PPE when there is a shortage everywhere around the world?

Planet Halo has built up a network of logistics, manufacturers and suppliers over the years, and has staff members overseas to coordinate in the purchasing of our PPE.  Being physically present gives us priority on purchases, allowing us to receive our goods in a timely manner.

Fake or Real?  How do I know Planet Halo's masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are authentic?

The market is flooded with unauthentic and ineffective masks and PPE.  Planet Halo has visually vetted our factories and has sent our own representatives directly to the factories to authenticate each FDA certified product.  All respirators we carry have been independently tested by 3rd party laboratories to validate proper filtration.  All masks currently distributed by Planet Halo Health far exceed the minimum required standard. 

What types of entities have ordered from you?

Larger hospitals such as Kaiser Permanente along with government entities, correctional facilities, nursing homes, front line workers, and medical clinics order our PPE. More of our clientele list can be found in our clients and partners section.

How are you able to ensure consistent supply chain?

Planet Halo has a logistics department that is consistently shipping supplies via courier, sea and air shipment. 

Do you keep inventory?

Planet Halo has 2 million square feet of warehouse space that allows us to maintain a consistent level of inventory.

Can items be returned?

Due to strict guidelines on sterile items, we do not accept returns. All sales are final.

Customer Service Available?

We have a ticketing system to assist with any customer needs.  Please email and a representative will get back to you promptly.