KF94 Mask - Why are they the most comfortable for everyday wear? Highly Recommended!

Having a hard time finding a comfortable mask? We recommend KF94 mask! Here's some reasons why:

All KF94 have a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) of 99.9% - Tested with Certs.

Due to the increase flow rate of KF94 160L/min vs N95 85L/min, the KF94 breathability is exceptional and allows for a cooler every day wear and much easier on your lungs due to less resistance from inhalation and more flow; this in return allows for cooler air circulations.

Ear straps are VERY comfortable, light, and soft to your ear.

By design the mask contours around your face and is gentle for everyday wear with the least amount of pressure.

KF94's are known to be our most COMFORTABLE MASK! Fitment and Breathability.
Don't take our word for it, try one out for yourself!


 More information:

KF94 DISPOSABLE FACE MASKS: This KF94 face mask is made with high quality melt blown filter / fabric that is effective in preventing airborne particles. Made with a 4 layers and breathable electrostatic filtration, this product is rated at least 98% of PM 2.5 airborne particles to protect the wearer from exposure to air pollutants.

✅ OUTSTANDING QUALITY CONTROL: Produced by the company specialized in mask manufacturing: Using the High Quality Filter (MB) created by the innovative technology, recognized for its excellent technical skills as textile and fabric manufacturer.

✅ EASY BREATHING : KF94 disposable face masks fit securely on your face so that you can breathe easily and keep the mask on all day without discomfort.

✅ COMFORTABLE FORM FITTING DESIGN : Korean face masks have a 3D flat-fold(tri-fold) design that prevents air leakage. Use the nose bridge The free form nose bridge helps to ensure a secure fit and stays on your face without slipping or falling off. The perfect fit prevents fogging up your glasses.

✅ KFDA: Mask are manufactured in South Korea. The masks are KFDA approved & USA FDA Listed. Proudly made with the highest quality material.

KF94's we recommend for adults, youth & kids: 


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