KingFa KN95 Vs Powecom KN95 Mask

What's the difference? What is better? What feature stands out the most?

We're here to show some comparisons of the 2 KN95 mask we carry and why we have put on clearance the Powecom KN95 and why the KINGFA KN95 have been our top selling KN95 mask!

KINGFA comes in heat sealed bags to ensure tamperproof.
POWECOM are lightly sealed; resealable adhesive tape that can be tampered with.

Both are new GB 26262019 Standards - Breathability Improvements 
GB 2626-2019 Annex E has a summary of comparison between GB 2626-2019 and GB 2626-2006. Below are the highlights of the major differences.

Major differences include but not limited to:

• Some test parameters and procedures are more specific, such as particle filtration efficiency tests, head strap tensile strength test, etc.
• Inhalation pressure resistance and exhalation pressure resistance are with standardized limits regardless to the type of masks in 2006 version. The new version would have different requirements depending on the type of masks and filtration efficiency, because the higher the filtration efficiency, the more effort required to breathe through the mask (the differential pressure on inhalation and exhalation are larger) and with larger differential pressure tolerance.

Fitment - Size & Comfort are very similiar.  

Hidden Nose Crossbar - Both with dual metal bands to comfortably seal around your nose

Band durability - KINGFA uses a higher quality, stronger, thicker band to prevent snapping. Powecom is thinner.

KINGFA is an OE supplier of Melt blown filtrations to many mask manufacturer and is leading the industry with high quality manufacturing and product line. Due to direct manufacturing of all materials, KINGFA ensures high quality and the lowest price point, eliminating middles man for supply price increase. 
PFE ≥95%, 5ply, 10/50pcs FDA Registered, GB 2626-2019

KINGFA branding on mask is discrete and is easy to wear.

There are many reasons why we feel KINGFA is more superior but these are the few key points that made it stand out to us and our customers. KINGFA is our current best seller for many good reasons!

Both KINGFA is available here!

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