Mask mandate is back at a Hollywood studio amid spike in COVID cases


Amidst a surge in reported COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles, Hollywood studio Lionsgate has decided to reimplement mask mandates for a significant portion of its workforce.

According to an internal email obtained by Deadline, Sommer McElroy, the response manager for Lionsgate/Starz, communicated that employees at their main office located in Santa Monica will be obligated to wear a medical-grade face covering. This includes options such as surgical masks, KN95 masks, or N95 masks.

In the email memo, it's stated that employees are expected to wear masks unless they are within a private office with the door closed, actively consuming food or beverages at their designated workspace, or if they are the sole individual present within a large open workspace.

Additionally, studio personnel are required to conduct a daily self-assessment before arriving at the office. Should an employee display symptoms indicative of COVID-19, it is mandatory for them to remain at home and promptly inform McElroy. Furthermore, those who have traveled internationally within the past 10 days must also stay home.

This announcement coincides with a recent increase in COVID-19 cases within Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health disclosed minor upticks in COVID-19 statistics last month.

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