Powecom KN95 vs Kingfa KN95 2nd Generation. Which is better?

Before we dive into comparing which KN95 mask is better and why, it is important to know what a KN95 mask is.  A KN95 mask is a mask that is made in China according to the GB2626 standards.  This is the equivalent of a N95 mask, which is manufactured in the U.S., as they both block at least 95% of tiny harmful particles.  The KN95 masks are extremely popular, due to it’s price, effectiveness of protection, and comfort with the 2 ear-loop straps. 

But the question remains, which KN95 is the best one? 


Although one would think all KN95 masks are made the same, it would be a far stretch to make such a claim.  Transparency is key, and our clients and customers have the right to be informed about the pros and cons of the face masks Planet Halo Health has to offer.

The Powecom KN95 face mask is still the #1 selling KN95, and for all the right reasons.  It was made readily available during the surge and is a solid mask that checks all the boxes while exceeding all testing reports.  Planet Halo Health offers the Powecom masks at the cheapest prices online, available in White and Black.  


Kingfa is the original meltblown manufacturer.  They have recently taken their manufacturing quality to another level.  They have made adjustments to their KN95 offering to ensure their KN95 face mask remains a top contender in the industry.  


Both masks have set themselves apart from the competition, because of the following:

  • Both are made to the new GB2626-2019 standard with better breathability.
  • Both have been professionally tested and have come back higher than the N95 NIOSH-rated Particulate Filtration Efficiency.
  • It is good for industrial, commercial and home use.
  • The high filtration efficiency will deem it safe to be used in a medical setting.
  • Both are available in multiple colors, black and white.  
  • Skin-friendly materials used, odorless, fiber-glass free and latex-free.


Here is where the Kingfa improvements have taken a turn for the better:  


  • The adjustable nose clip is enhanced with an allergen-free foam piece, lessening the fatigue on the nose bridge.  
  • The foam piece on the nose is an anti-fogging accessory for those who wear glasses.
  • The mask is available in new attractive colors including navycharcoal grayand pink.
  • Packaging comes in a shrink-wrapped tamper-proof bag, and box to maintain the integrity of the mask.  (The Powecom packaging is the only complaint we have, as it’s packed in a thin baggy, and the masks at times will fall out). 
  • More space between the mask and the face.  (Smaller individuals may prefer the Powecom size).
  • The material used is soft and plush.  The mask almost feels cushioned to an extent.
  • Extended flaps on the sides of the mask help the KN95 conform to the face better.
  • The mask has thick shoelace ear straps that refuse to break, with double pressed attachment points connecting the straps

    At the end of the day, as with anything in life, choice comes down to personal preference. 

    Our team here at Planet Halo Health has tested and worn multiple KN95, KF94, N95, and 3-ply masks, and it can be said with certainty that the Kingfa KN95 face mask is an extremely well-built mask. It is comfortable, breathable, and of all the masks we've tried has held it's form the longest, with the exception of the N95 masks. 

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