Planet Halo KN95 Kids Mask

PH KingFa KN95 Kids Mask - Baby Pink - 10 count / box

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Planet Halo KN95 Kids Mask - Baby Pink

Made to the NEW GB2626-2019 Standard with Better Breathability

  • Planet Halo KN95 respirators are equivalent or higher than the N95 NIOSH rated particulate filtration efficiency. 
  • High Filtration / Industrial / Commercial / Home Use


PLANET HALO KN95 Particle Filtering Half Mask is used for daily civilian use, which helps to minimize inhalation exposures to certain airborne biological particles. It can be used for the respiratory protection of certain non-oily particles, such as grinding, wheel grinding, sandpaper grinding, sawing, cleaning and processing minerals, flour, wood, pollen, other materials and process producing non-oily particles.


●Made of 5 layer material. Filters at least 95% of particles.
●Premium materials ensure mask will not lint or tear.
●Specially designed inner facing improves comfort.
●Skin friendly, odorless, fiber-glass free and latex-free.
●Soft elastic ear loop design can help to fit different human faces
●The adjustable nose bridge clip provides a secure fit for better protection.
●Thin & light multi-layer design reducing respiratory resistance

Quality Standards:

●Standard: KN95, GB 2626-2019
●Product Classification: FDA Registered, QKR


Upgraded material for better protection. KINGFA KN95 face masks are made of 5 layers with 2 non-woven outer layers as well as 2 melt-blown inner layers and a non-woven middle layer to absorb small moisture particles.

Technical Specifications

●Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE): ≥ 95%
●Respiratory resistance (Expiratory resistance): ≤ 210 Pa
●Respiratory resistance (Inspiratory resistance): ≤ 210 Pa
●Dead space:≤ 1%
●Vision(View below):≥ 36°
●Vision(Binocular vision):≥ 65%
●Flammability: ≤ 5S
●Total inward leakage(TIL):TIL<11% for at least 46 exercises in 50 exercise, and TIL<8% for at least 8 of 10 subjects.

Manufacturing Accreditations

●ISO 9001 Quality Management System
●ISO 13485 Quality Management System
●QSR820 FDA Quality System Requirements


  • Type: 5 Ply, Ear Loop, Hidden bridge crossbar
  • Level: KN95
  • PFE: ≥95%
  • Material: 3 non-woven layers, 2 melt-blown inner layers
  • Shelf Life:  3 Years

    Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Why is everyone advise to wear KN95 mask? 
  • A KN95 mask is specifically designed to filter at least 95% of particles of 3 microns in diameter. 8% or less leakage is permitted in this mask. If you choose to wear a medical procedure maks or a surgical mask, you must know that it fits loosely and does not stop small particles from entering. 

    Everyone recommends wearing these masks because they offer a supreme level of protection against COVID 19. 

  • Can I reuse these masks? Is it safe to wash to extend the use?
    The Planet Halo KN95 respirator face mask can be reused by the same wearer for several days if they are cared for properly. Under any circumstances, you should never wash them. For ensuring the utmost protection, you must store them in a breathable container such as a paper bag. 

  • How do I properly remove my mask? 
  • Before you touch the mask, you must wash your hands with soap and water. Adhere t the following steps depending on the type of the mask: 

    • For a mask with head bands that go around the head - You must lift the bottom strap over your head first, then lift the top strap over your head.
    • For a mask with ear loops - All you have to do is gently lift and remove the mask by holding both the ear loops.
    • For a mask with ties - You’ve to untie the bottom at first, then the top, and then pull the mask away from you as you loosen the ties. 

  • Do Planet Halo KN95 black masks expire? 
  • KN95 masks have manufacture dates. Disposable masks including KN95 and surgical masks typically have a shelf life of 3 years. However, this duration can be altered by how you store them. For instance, if you subject them to high heat and humidity, they might degrade faster than storage in moderate temperatures.  

  • How do I properly use my KN95? 
  • One of the most significant steps of using Planet Halo KN95 respirator is washing your hands immediately before and after touching the mask. 

    • Unfold your mask and flatten the metal nose clip
    • Place the mask over your face, making sure that the bottom is below your chin and the nosepiece up. 
    • Then, place the straps of the mask over each ear. 
    • You can even adjust the metal nose clips. 
    • Make sure you don’t wear these masks in a lab setting that has the potential of a fire hazard. 

  • What if I want to change the product? What’s the policy regarding exchanges or returns? 
  • Due to the current pandemic, we have a strict NO RETURN policy on all product returns. And, when it comes to exchanges, we only replace those products that are damaged or defective by way of the manufacturer’s warranty. You must notify us within 3 days of receipt of delivery. 

    Please send us an email at and send your item to 864 LAUREL ST STE 150, SAN CARLOS CA 94070, United States.